End Of Academic Year Newsletter

Despite being one of the most difficult school years in memory, I write the final words this academic year with nothing but pride for our school community.

Dear parents and carers

Despite being one of the most difficult school years in memory, I write the final words this academic year with nothing but pride for our school community. We stuck together, worked hard and faced unprecedented academic challenges with great resilience, compassion and understanding. Thank you to parents and carers for their continued support during this year.

The highs of the year have certainly meant much more to us than normal and I was delighted to talk recently to our first cohort of Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award students in year 10. We are looking forward to the next cohort of Bronze students starting in September and this cohort moving onto their Silver award. We’ve donated record amounts of food to our local food bank and we’ve worn odd socks to mark Anti-Bullying Week. We’ve done more to celebrate cultural and diverse events with Mr Grant, our OAT Award winning (Inclusivity and Diversity Champion) member of staff spearheading our progress with Pride, Windrush Day and Eid being celebrated recently. We have partnered with Imperial College in London and The Access Project to boost student university chances and we’ve achieved a national Quality in Careers Standard award. Working with City Year and National Grid we’ve managed to secure even more laptops and our long-standing relationship with Speakers For Schools continued with a special talk from former Prime Minister, David Cameron. House competitions and enrichment clubs have continued at pace in difficult circumstances and the staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure students continue to have opportunities. It’s been a quiet year!

Conversely, losing Su Bailey, our much loved and greatly missed member of our office staff was devastating. The planning for the revamp of the allotment area and a garden of remembrance and peace in her memory is well underway.

Su’s memory always reminds me why we work in education and it is without doubt for the children. Our students this year have had it tough but we’ve tried our best and I think they’ve appreciated that. It’s not always been easy but given the size of our Academy, I’m incredibly proud of the progress and the nature in which we’ve tackled the year together.

We all deserve a summer break and the last day of term is Wednesday 21 July 2021 and we will finish at 12 noon. This day will also be a non-uniform day and we will be collecting suggested donations of £1 from each family to raise money for a defibrillator. You can read more here and donate if you wish: https://ormistonforgeacademy.co.uk/news/2021/7/9/end-of-term-arrangements

It is worth noting the arrangements for the start of term too because we have had to make some changes for the year 10 start date:

Term starts (for year 7 and year 12 only): Friday 3 September 2021
Term start continues (for year 7 and year 12 only): Monday 6 September 2021
Term starts (for all apart from year 10): Tuesday 7 September 2021
Term starts (for all including year 10): Wednesday 8 September 2021

Year 9 and year 11 will be invited in for testing on Monday 6 September and will then leave. Year 10 will be invited in for testing on Tuesday 7 September and will then leave.

All of the information that you need for testing and the September return can be found here: https://ormistonforgeacademy.co.uk/news/2021/7/15/covid-guidance-for-september-inc-testing

Students should continue testing over the summer holiday and we have sent a new supply of test kits home with every student this week. Using the COVID Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test twice weekly is an important part of our arsenal in the fight against COVID-19. Even after restrictions are lifted it remains important to regularly test until we are told it is no longer needed. Don’t forget to record results on the NHS website. If you have symptoms, we recommend getting a PCR test. You can read our updates here:

In September, students should come to school with the equipment required to learn. The minimum equipment that will be needed is a pencil case with a pen, pencil and ruler. There are still instances of students coming to school without this kit and we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach on being ready to learn.

All students are expected to wear full uniform everyday. The daily uniform includes:

  • Shirt, tie and blazer
  • Appropriate school trousers (no jeans/jeggings)
  • Black polishable school shoes
  • No visible facial piercings
  • No hoodies

Full details of our uniform expectation and our new uniform supplier can be found here: https://ormistonforgeacademy.co.uk/for-students/uniform

It is worth noting that students will no longer need to wear their PE kit on timetabled PE days and should be in their full school uniform at all times and bring their PE kit with them on PE days.

We’ve also changed our rules on mobile phones and from September anywhere inside the school building will be a ‘No Phone Zone’. Phones will be banned in classrooms, corridors and the canteen. Anywhere there is a roof over your head, mobiles should not be seen or heard. Students will be allowed to use their phones outside of the buildings at break and lunchtime. The reasons are that mobile phones cause huge distractions in lessons and hugely reduce levels of focus and concentration and studies show that this leads to poorer grades. Mobile phones also have a negative impact on mental health.

It is also important to send a reminder about medicines. If your child needs any form of medicine in school, this should be administered via reception and our first aid trained staff. Please can you bring the medicine into the Academy, in the original box, with full instructions. Students should not carry any form of medicine with them at all. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this procedure, please call main reception or email [email protected].

Finally, we look forward to welcoming our new year 7 in September and kick start our recruitment event for students who will start in year 7 in 2022. We are running open events in September and you can find the details here: https://ormistonforgeacademy.co.uk/news/2021/7/12/open-events-2021

We will see some of you over the summer on exams days, please note the date changes, all of the arrangements can be found here: https://ormistonforgeacademy.co.uk/news/2021/7/15/exam-results-in-august-2021

Year 13 - Tuesday 10th August 2021
Year 11 (also including year 12 and year 13 GCSE resit students) - Thursday 12th August 2021

We are saying goodbye to a number of staff at the end of this term who are moving on. I'm sure that you will join us thanking them for their valuable service to Forge and wishing them well in the future. We look forward to welcoming new staff in September and we'll be sure to introduce them when they start.

And so, another academic year draws to a close. Enjoy the break. Please look after yourselves and stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you back in September, refreshed and ready for a new academic year.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Lisa Mason