Careers at Forge

At OFA we are committed to preparing each students for life beyond educations. We ensure students have access to impartial careers advice and have access to employers who can help them consider their future options.

To ensure we offer our students the best of career provision, we are a member of the West Midlands Careers Hub which supports us in providing students with the resources they need to succeed.

We endeavor to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks, which are endorsed in the Careers Strategy by the DFE – Click here for the DfE Guidance for careers guidance and access for education and training providers. These benchmarks provide a framework for schools and colleges to improve their careers guidance and support. We are very proud to have successfully retained our Careers Quality Assurance Model which ensures that we provide the highest quality careers provision for our students.

Our careers strategy is reviewed yearly. The latest review was conducted in January 2024.

For any further information about the careers programme, please contact: 

Dawn Benson for matters relating to KS3 and KS5
Sarah Southall careers administrator and WEX co-ordinator
Beverley Scott careers advisor 
Please use the CONTACT US page if you want to get in touch 

Find information about the Provider Access Policy Here

For news of careers events and talks, please check our social media feeds. We will also inbox students with any relevant updates and inform parents. We will also post to make contact via ClassCharts.  

Forge policies regarding careers can be found in our policies section of the website

Ormiston Forge Academy comes under the Rowley Regis district but if you live in other areas you can find out about labour market information using the dashboard in this link. Page 2 on the dashboard – you can read through some of the subjects required at school for different jobs in the area – see the bottom table and the final column. Page 3 – select Sandwell in the top left menu and click on Rowley Regis and this will show a list of the strategic businesses in the area. There are around 80 strategic businesses, with an annual turnover of more than 1 million, all close to Ormiston Forge Academy. Pupils should be encouraged to look through the dashboard if they live in another locality. Pupils can select a different locality from the menu.