Measuring Our Provision

Student entitlement at Ormiston Forge Academy

Careers learner entitlement 

Student entitlement at Ormiston Forge Academy: 

  • Follow a programme that covers the eight Gatsby Benchmarks and the six themes of the CDI framework 
  • Follow a programme that supports learners to self-develop, explore careers, manage their career, identify opportunities, action-plan for the future, handle selection processes, manage change and transition 
  • Have access to career platforms such as Unifrog and Careerspilot
  • Have access to UCAS, via dedicated staff, Tracey Beech, Darren grimes and The Access Project. 
  • Have access to AimHigher and Aspire to HE services (KS4 and 5) 
  • Receive a minimum of two provider encounters by the end of each key stage
  • Receive opportunities to give feedback about the careers programme 
  • Follow careers education that links to the PSHE curriculum and subject curriculum.  
  • Have access to a careers team that provides multiple opportunities for good quality, meaningful encounters with employers, colleges and training providers. 
  • Have an opportunity to complete a work experience placement in year 10 and in Sixth Form 
  • Receive access to an impartial Careers Adviser when required 

Learning outcomes for all students at Forge that take part in a careers programme from Years 7-13 :  

  • Students understand possible options for future education, training and employment and can use relevant software packages 
  • Students develop decision-making skills that allow them to manage their own career development and progression 
  • Students create career action plans for their future career pathways 
  • Students source and use appropriate careers and employment information such as LMI 
  • Students have work-related activities and experiences, including encounters with employers that develop their knowledge of the ‘World of Work’ 
  • Students learn to negotiate key transitions such as year 9 for option choices, year 11 for post-16 pathways and year 13 for post-18 pathways. 
  • Students can contribute to the careers programme by providing informative evaluation and feedback 

Students have access to, and guidance in the use of, careers information that is: 

  • Accessible and straightforward to use (e.g. on school website/Unifrog and the Government Website)
  • Up-to-date and wide ranging  
  • Age appropriate and comprehensive 

Students are offered careers guidance that is: 

  • Individual, impartial, high-quality, up-to-date and locally relevant. CEIAG 1-2-1 career guidance sessions to cover all pathways and LMI from Beverley Scott (Careers Advisor), Dawn Benson (Careers Advisor) Pam Brown (KS4 SEND – Connexions Sandwell) and support from the Access Project. 
  • Confidential 
  • Appropriate to their specific needs and circumstances 
  • Supportive of diversity and equal opportunities 

Forge parents and carers are welcome to: 

  • Contact the Career Leader/Careers Advisor by phone or email with any queries 
  • Arrange a meeting with the Career Leader/Careers Advisors to discuss their child’s options and plans 
  • Receive information about careers events and activities 
  • Attend any Careers events they are invited to attend 
  • Give feedback on the content and effectiveness of the careers programme

Our destination data for year 11 (who left in 2023):

  • Continued into our sixth form: 68
  • Other sixth form/FE colleges: 186
  • Training/Apprenticeship: 19
  • NEET: 2

CDI Careers Development Framework