Welcome to the Business Department

In studying Business, students will be encouraged to focus on skills that lead to developing core business acumen skills needed to build a world class learning journey. Learners need to understand the nature of business activity and how it is concerned with meeting the needs of customers by providing a product or service, in most cases, for a profit. At the heart of business activity is enterprise and entrepreneurs, who initiate and grow businesses, with a wide range of aims and objectives. These objectives often adapt as businesses grow and as the market and competitive environment in which they operate changes. Business organisations vary in size and ownership and operate in local, national and global contexts. Businesses have many stakeholders who are affected by business activity and can also impact on business behaviour.

The Curriculum

and assessment of students at this stage of education has been carefully designed to promote deep

learning of influences in business and develop students into justified decision makers, economist experts for young people

Curriculum Maps

Please download our Curriculum Maps for each of the 2 Key Stages for an overview of the content taught here at Ormiston Forge Academy

Key Stage 4 BUSINESS Curriculum

Key Stage 5