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It is the intention of the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics curriculum to develop empathy and understanding of the beliefs of all religions and cultures, with particular focus on Christianity as the main religious tradition of Great Britain. Students will develop an understanding of what it means to live in a multi-cultural society like Sandwell, and allow them to explore, examine and justify their own beliefs as well as the beliefs of others, developing positive relationships.

Students will

understand the perspectives and develop a respect for the religious practices of people of all faiths and those of no faith, and understand how religious beliefs can influence the moral decisions of people in situations in the world today, as religious belief is subjective in order to reduce intolerance in society.​

Curriculum Maps

Please download our Curriculum Maps for each of the 3 Key Stages for an overview of the content taught here at Ormiston Forge Academy

Key Stage 3 PRE Curriculum

Key Stage 4 PRE Curriculum

Key Stage 5 PRE Curriculum