Welcome to the Classics Department

In year 10 students will develop a secure knowledge and understanding of Myth and Religion to encompass Greek and Roman religion and cultural practices. They will also start to develop their knowledge on the epic, ‘the Odyssey,’ and the Mycenae culture, developing their analytical skills by considering language, characterisation and plot. All students will be challenged to form judgements and evidence those opinions with prescribed sources whether they be pictorial or in the written form. This connects to the programme of study followed in KS3 which began with an understanding of the Greek and Roman worlds exploring religion and some of the classical heroes such as Heracles and Theseus.

Our ambition

 for all Classicists is that they begin to consider classical and modern interpretations of the Ancient World and reflect on how much society has changed, but also remember some of the values and principles that still remain today. The real merit of studying this subject is recognising where so many of our values stem from, but also seeing how society has evolved over time and how the position of women and religion has altered and adapted as society has developed over hundreds of years. The knowledge and skills developed in Classics will allow students to succeed in many differing pathways as the process of explaining, analysing and evaluating the very ancient past will ultimately allow you to make effective judgements in any field you choose to pursue in the future, from Business to Medicine.

Curriculum Maps

Please download our Curriculum Maps for each of the 2 Key Stages for an overview of the content taught here at Ormiston Forge Academy


Key Stage 4 CLASSICS Curriculum


Key Stage 5 CLASSICS Curriculum