Open Events

Open days for year 6 students starting year 7 in September 2023 will be Thursday 22nd September (6 until 8.30) and Saturday 24th September (9 until noon).

Please contact us on 01384 566 598 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are your open events?
Our traditional open events are in September each year.

I don’t want to come to your open events, how can I find out more about your school?
We can arrange telephone/video calls with any of our staff. We’d also be happy for you to visit the Academy out-of-hours and show you around. 

What will I see at the open events?
We’ll ensure that you get the perfect opportunity to experience the Forge family first hand. You can meet the Principal, enjoy a tour of the academy and, most importantly, meet our students. If there’s something you want to see or somebody that you want to meet, we’ll do our best to arrange this for you. We pride ourselves on being good all day, every day. 

How do I apply?
Arrangements for applications for places at Ormiston Forge Academy will be made in accordance with Sandwell Local Authority’s co-ordinated admission arrangements and will be made on the Common Application Form provided and administered by Sandwell Council. All of the details are on our website - 

We also accept applications from families living in Dudley, see the last question.

When is the closing date for applications for students starting in September 2022?
The closing date for applications was Sunday 31 October. Please check the local authority where you are making the application for the exact time.

Can I apply even if my child goes to a Primary School in Dudley?
We have lots of parents contact us who live in the Dudley area asking if they are able to apply to Forge. The answer is, categorically, YES! All you need to do when you apply is change the local authority drop-down box to Sandwell to find us easily. We have a page on our website with guidance on how to apply if you live in Dudley: