Welcome to the Technology Department

Our curriculum is based on an iterative design process and relevant project-based learning, that covers the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. We believe that all students should have the opportunities to be innovative and passionate when designing and making to develop new and transferable skills, knowledge, curiosity and inspiration.

Students have

access to a rich curriculum that offers challenge and excitement in order to foster creative and critical thinkers needed for the 21st century. Across all areas of technology, we give students the opportunity to create, innovate, design, make and evaluate. We aim to promote independent learners who use their initiative, with the ability to think on their feet and solve problems which may arise throughout the process.  

Curriculum Maps

Please download our Curriculum Maps for each of the 3 Key Stages for an overview of the content taught here at Ormiston Forge Academy


Key Stage 3 TECHNOLOGY Curriculum


Key Stage 4 TECHNOLOGY Curriculum