Sixth Form Reading Lists

We expect our sixth form students to conduct regular wider reading around each of their subjects; additional reading helps to develop an in-depth understanding of topics and it shows examiners that a student has a good grasp of the subject.

Moreover,  wider reading can help a student to demonstrate their passion for a particular field of study when writing a personal statement during the university application process, or when attending a university interview.

There are reading lists for each of the A level and BTEC courses that are part of sixth form curriculum lists at Forge. Each list details essential and other useful texts that can support learning. Many lists also detail useful documentaries, as well as podcasts that can be listened to.

Click on the link below to see the reading list for each sixth form subject. Copies of many of the texts listed are available in our sixth form library and students can use their learning grant to acquire their own copies of key texts if they so wish (click here for more information on our learning grant).