Careers Resources and Useful Links

Ormiston Forge Academy comes under the Rowley Regis district but if you live in other areas you can find out about labour market information using the dashboard in this link. Page 2 on the dashboard – you can read through some of the subjects required at school for different jobs in the area – see the bottom table and the final column. Page 3 – select Sandwell in the top left menu and click on Rowley Regis and this will show a list of the strategic businesses in the area. There are around 80 strategic businesses, with an annual turnover of more than 1 million, all close to Ormiston Forge Academy. Pupils should be encouraged to look through the dashboard if they live in another locality. Pupils can select a different locality from the menu.

The Annual Economic Review (formerly called State of the Sub Region) is an annual report which focuses on the ‘indicators’ in the Black Country Performance Management Framework, which enable us to understand if the Black Country is making real progress towards achievement of the aspirations set within the Black Country Vision and the Black Country Strategy for Growth and Competitiveness. It also includes a range of information from over the last 12 months, providing a Black Country picture of the impact and direction of travel.
You can download the 2019 Black Country Annual Economic Review here: