Welcome to the English Department

It is the intention of the English curriculum to provide opportunities to create and empower confident and critical 21st Century learners who can communicate fluently in order to function as citizens in a diverse, ever changing and interconnected world. Through exposure to a wide range of writers, texts and genres we aim to develop students’ love of language and literature whilst enriching their moral, emotional, cultural and academic literacy. ​

The Curriculum

and assessment of students at this stage of education has been carefully designed to build on the skills developed during KS2 to enable students to be fluent communicators. It begins to introduce students to the deep learning of English Language, and aims to begin to develop them into confident and critical writers. Exploring the writer’s use of language and the way texts are structured will help students to navigate the diverse world we inhabit, making informed choices about the world and its issues and enabling them to understand how writers can influence our perceptions of the world and its issues. Students are introduced to a wide range of genres and text types, developing their knowledge of form and structure and allowing them the opportunity to begin writing for a range of contexts, helping them to start developing functional and transferable skills applicable to everyday contexts.

Curriculum Maps

Please download our Curriculum Maps for each of the 3 Key Stages for an overview of the content taught here at Ormiston Forge Academy

Key Stage 3 ENGLISH Curriculum

Key Stage 4



Key Stage 5