House Information

House System

The house system is a very important part of college life. The four houses are:

Snowden Shield

Brendon Shield

Malvern Shield










Mr Mitchell Mr Morris Mr Singh Mr Iliffe    

Head of Houses: Miss Birch

Each house has its own values with the general ethos being geared towards caring, teamwork, responsibility, support, achievement and enjoyment.

The Sports Day Shield carries the Latin phrase “res non verba” which means “Actions not words“.

Over the course of the year, there are numerous house events. There is something to cater for everyone’s interests. Here are just some examples of the events which are offered to all pupils:

  • Ormiston Forge Academy: Talent Show
  • Football
  • Art
  • Spelling bee
  • Netball
  • Dodgeball
  • Tug of war
  • Cross country
  • Countdown
  • Chef of the Year
  • Sports day

Houses collect points for their endeavours throughout the year with the winner gaining the house trophy.

House Trivia

1. House Names

Originally, Heathfield School, which preceded the current Academy, was spread around the Old Hill and Cradley Heath area and on several sites. There were 5 houses – Mace (named after Macefields School), Old (Old Hill), Heath (Cradley Heath Secondary School), Cwm (short for Ysgoldyr Cwm) and School.

Cwm House is named after house represents our Mountain Centre in Wales, Ysgoldyr Cwm . This is pronounced “Iss-gold-eer Cum” and means “School in the Valley”.

2. House Colours

Old – Yellow. Heath – Green. Mace – Blue. School – White. Cwm – Red.

3. 1985

1985 was the year when ‘School’ house was removed from the system.

4. 1994/95

It was decided that the house system needed a fresh start and new names were needed. A competition was organised and was won by Lydia Hook (a year 8 Cwm student at the time).

  • Old becomes Bredon. (Heads of House: Mr M Adamson, Miss B Williams)
  • Heath becomes Clent. (Heads of House: Mr S Creevy, Mrs D Fellows)
  • Mace becomes Malvern. (Heads of House: Mr R Spear, Mrs J Adamson)
  • Cwm becomes Snowdon. (Heads of House: Miss A Granger, Mr A Watts)

5. Previous Heads of House

School: Mr M Adamson

Old/Bredon: Mr D Varty, Mr M Adamson, Miss B Williams, Mr J Carpenter, Miss E Johnson, Mr D P Morris.

Heath/Clent: Mr L Parsons, Miss P Halford, Mrs J Cheslin, Mrs C Wildboar, Mrs J Turner, Miss Orme, Miss K Wilkes, Mr J Ward, Mr N Watkins, Miss Granger, Miss Deeny, Mr Iliffe.

Mace/Malvern: Mr F Pattinson, Mr D Castles, Mr D J Morris, Mr R Spear, Mr S Creevey, Miss R Bennett, Mr A Seddon, Mr P Corbett, Mr M Murray, Miss G Alldritt, Miss H Tonks, Mr Bradley, Miss Barlow.

Cwm/Snowdon: Mrs S Neale, Mr A Watts, Miss C Bennett, Mr N Penn, Mr Gill, Miss Goodridge.

6. Longest serving Head of House

The current longest serving Head of House is Mr D Morris (Bredon). He began his role in 2001.

Trophy Winners

House Trophy
Sports Day Trophy
1993 Heath Cwm
1994 Heath Cwm
1995 Snowdon Clent
1996 Malvern Malvern
1997 Malvern Bredon
1998 Bredon Bredon
1999 Malvern Malvern
2000 Malvern Malvern
2001 Clent Malvern
2002 Snowdon Snowdon
2003 Snowdon Snowdon
2004 Snowdon Snowdon
2005 Snowdon Snowdon
2006 Snowdon Snowdon
2007 Bredon Cancelled (Weather)
2008 Bredon Snowdon
2009 Bredon Bredon
2010 Bredon Bredon
2011 Snowdon Bredon
2012 Bredon Bredon
2013 Snowdon Bredon
2014 Snowdon/ Bredon Bredon
2015 Bredon Snowdon/Bredon
2016 Bredon Bredon
2017 Bredon Cancelled (Weather)

Most Sports Day wins – Bredon (10) Snowdon (7), Malvern (4), Clent (1)

Most House Trophies – Snowdon (9), Bredon (10), Malvern (4), Clent (1)

The Double – Bredon (7) Snowdon (5), Malvern (3), Bredon (3), Clent (0)

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