Urban Planters - Global Action Plan

Our Urban Planters event was organised as part of the Transform Our World project which is part of Global Action Plan. We'll hand over to Junior to tell you what happened...

"We mind-mapped different ideas for our project and decided that we wanted to get more greenery in the school building itself. We wrote a survey to try and see how many members of staff would actually be interested in receiving a plant, we were surprised that we had over 45 responses! During our sessions on Friday with Leah from GAP (Global Action Plan) and Sir, we planned how we would get the teachers the plants. With some support we contacted a company called Urban Planters that agreed to give us everything we needed, including the plants and pots for them to go in! They also agreed to do a workshop with us to teach us how to pot and care for plants. The day they came to our school to deliver the plants and workshop was so much fun, we learned so much and all got to take a plant home with us.

"We then potted all of the plants, we had spider plants and snake plants and I got to deliver a few around the school. The teachers were very happy when I gave them their plants and it was exciting that I was able to answer all the teacher's questions about plant care because a lot of them were worried that they would kill them."
Junior Harrison - year 7

"This project has been one of my favourite things I have worked on since being at Forge. Seeing my student's vision come into fruition has been so rewarding for me. Witnessing student's growth in confidence has been amazing and seeing the houseplants all around the school in different classrooms and offices is not just visually appealing but also comes with an eco-friendly benefit."
Mr Rashid - staff project coordinator