Mental Health Tips for Parents

Dear parents and carers,

As part of the Academy’s vision to promote and support good mental health amongst our students, we understand the importance of encouraging open discussions about mental health in all aspects of our students’ lives. So, each half-term there will be information and guidance provided to all parents and carers based on a specific topic for that half-term.

The topic for this half-term is ANXIETY.

Anxiety can be a perfectly normal experience for people of all ages and is a natural reaction to stress, but young people can be more prone to anxiety due various things, such as the pressures of school life, changes in their body and how they are perceived by others. In most cases anxiety can be controlled, however, if anxious feelings don’t go away, this can interfere with a child’s performance at school and their overall quality of life.

So please read the guide as it provides a detailed breakdown of anxiety symptoms and tips on what parents/carers can do to maintain positive mental health for their children.

As well as this document, below I have recommended a book and various apps that could be useful for your children to explore.


No Worries: How to Deal with Teenage Anxiety by Nicola Morgan (Available at various bookstores and online outlets)


-Worry tree


-Whats up




-Clear Fear

-Stress and Anxiety Companion


I hope you and your child find this information useful.

Many thanks,

Mr. Oldaker