Please click here to download the mock exam timetable for students in year 11 – THIS TIMETABLE HAS BEEN UPDATED TO ACCOUNT FOR THE SCHOOL CLOSURE

Green – Exam unchanged from original timetable.

Yellow – Exam updated (this could be the date or it could simply be the paper being set, i.e. Paper 1 instead of Paper 2).

Red – Exam cancelled/rearranged.

‘If students have a clash of exams, they will be given individual timetables explaining what to do on Monday.’

Attendance to revision interventions is crucial for your child to achieve their target grades. Please see intervention timetable here including information about the Year 11 Rewards Programme

Exams run from Tuesday 9th January to Wednesday 24th January

Students need to remember to bring with them their equipment, a water bottle and be in full uniform. Mobile phones are not allowed in the exam hall and, if students have them in school, they will be asked to leave these in bags in the cloakroom.

Students will attend form each day for registration then line up at 9:00am

There will be changes to the timings of breaks and lunches.

All students will have break from 11:05 – 11:20 Monday – Thursday, with no change on a Friday. If students have an afternoon exam, their lunch will start at 12:40. 

Your wellbeing

It is important that students look after themselves during the exam period. They should get plenty of rest and break their revision into small, manageable chunks of time. Use of a revision timetable will support them in organising their time throughout the mock period. GCSE Pod is a good tool to support revision which students have access to. Students can also make use of the revision guides purchased at year 11 matters evening