Year 10 Mock Exams

Due to the fluidity of the year 11 exams this year, we are having to adapt the dates that we originally planned for year 10 mock exams.

Dear parents and carers,

The final whole-cohort GCSE (science - physics) exam is due to take place on 24th June. With this in mind, we are looking to complete year 10 mock exams in the following week, commencing Tuesday 28th June (the Academy is closed to students on Monday 27th June). There is potential for the year 10 exams to run over into the following week, but should be completed by Tuesday 5th July. Year 10 mock exams will be completed in the sports hall, we will only be assessing English, maths and science. All other subjects will also be expected to conduct assessments during their lesson time.

Should there be any reason to postpone the year 10 mock exams because the year 11 exams need to move, we will communicate this as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs J Southern
Head of Year 10