Geography: Carding Mill Valley Field Trip

Recently, our year 10 geography students went on a field trip to Carding Mill Valley in the Shropshire Hills to conduct a river study.

Some students enjoyed nice weather; however, the persistent rain on Thursday didn't dampen the spirits of our budding geographers and their behaviour was impeccable.

Students studied river landforms including waterfalls, meanders and v-shaped valleys and measured river variables such as speed, width, depth, gradient and load size. Students will be examined on their fieldwork investigation in their final GCSE exams.

Head of Geography, Beckie Humphries, said: "After 18 months of not getting out of the classroom, or even into classrooms at some points, students and staff loved getting out in the field to do some practical geography. This is the heart of the subject and why we enjoy geography so much. We have more trips planned and we look forward to our continued study of places and the relationships between people and their environments."