Covid Update - Year 8

Covid Update - Year 8

Dear parents and carers,

A short note today to provide you with a Covid update; I feel that it is important to keep everyone informed of any developments.

A student in year 8 has tested positive today. However, that student has not been on site since the 16th September. At that time, they were not showing symptoms and the reason for their self-isolation was because a family member was showing symptoms.

The DfE has advised us that no further action needs to be taken because the child was not at school during the incubation period. The family acted proactively and followed all of the guidance and we are all incredibly grateful to them for that.

It is important to stress that if we all follow the Government guidance, we are protecting one another. Thank you for your continuing vigilance and support and I’m sure that you will join me at this time wishing all families who are suffering from this virus, a speedy recovery.

Many thanks,

Dr Lisa Mason
Ormiston Forge Academy