We Are Five! Happy Birthday To Forge.

We’re five years old! That’s to say, Ormiston Forge Academy opened five years ago. I’m delighted with the progress that we’ve made in this time.

Our celebration this morning was quite a low-key affair. It’s a training day. There was cake, pictured! We’re going to save the main celebration for Prize Giving, where we celebrate our students, it seems right that we combine the two as they go hand-in-hand.

For the staff, I led a visioning session today. Before we finished for the Christmas break I asked everyone to provide some structured reflection on the last five years, it made for an inspiring read. The commitment and aspiration the staff at Forge show makes me very proud. It is also encouraging to read that staff echoed many themes and with such a large body of staff, having people on the same page means that we’ll reach our goals quicker and with less friction.

We started our visioning session by looking at the journey and my remarks from five years ago when I first started. We’ve come so far and we weren’t far off the mark in our aspirations. We wanted to be good, all day, every day! In 2016 Ofsted told us that we were!

Now we need to be VERY good, all day, every day. I make no secret of the fact that I want us to be Outstanding. It’s what our students deserve and I know that my staff are committed to delivering. However, it’s more than that. As we plan for the next five years we all need to be involved in what this school will look like. To this end, I’ll be inviting parents, stakeholders and, most importantly, students into visioning sessions to reflect on the past and build for the future.

This is the best fifth birthday present I can deliver. We will build on the firm foundations we have, plan for the future and ensure that this school inspires and serves generations of young people from Cradley Heath and beyond. There will be candles at Prize Giving, I’m sure they’ll be a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday too but what matters is that this school pushes on, that we keep improving exam results and our student get the best education and the best start in life that they can possibly have.

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