Solar Eclipse Guidance

As you are all aware there is a partial solar eclipse tomorrow morning starting around 8:45am and finishing around 10:40am with the peak eclipse around 9:30am.

We are adopting the BBC advice for student safeguarding which is listed below.

Guidance for our staff:

  • Please instruct students that nobody is to look directly at the eclipse.
  • No groups are to be out of lessons.
  • Arrangements have been made to keep PE groups inside for the peak period.
  • If direct sunshine is entering your room please draw the blinds to prevent students looking at the eclipse.
  • Use your whiteboard to access live web feeds – please show the live eclipse this way if you wish to.
  • We should be okay to allow pupils to move lessons at 9.45am, however, if this changes we will let you know early on. If the students do move then please advise them not to look directly at the sun.

Advice to students (from BBC)

  • Never look directly at the Sun as it can damage your eyesight permanently.
  • Even the small amount of Sun peeking out from behind the moon during an eclipse is enough to make you go blind.
  • Never look at the Sun through binoculars or a telescope.
  • Don’t look directly at the Sun through sunglasses – they will not protect your eyes.
  • Selfies could be potentially very dangerous as users may look at the Sun to attempt the best picture.

Here is a link to the BBC if you wish to use it:

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