Business Dress

Our sixth form students wear business dress rather than school uniform.

We believe this:

  • Encourages students to be more aspirant; take care of their appearance and therefore encourages them to have more pride in themselves and their work.
  • Prepares students better for work and university. Students will have greater scope to take care of their appearance, meaning they will have to act more like adults and prepare how they look to and communicate with the wider world.
  • Differentiates sixth formers from staff and students.
  • Applicable to all post 16 students
  • A well groomed look is required
  • Hairstyles must be neat and tidy
  • Shavings/markings cut into hair or eyebrows are not permitted
  • Facial piercings of any description are not permitted

Dress code

  • Shirts or blouses (no t-shirts, casual shirts, polo shirts, low cut or strappy tops)
  • Ties, tied properly to top button
  • Trousers, tailored skirt or dress (skirts or dresses should be on or below the knee)
  • Polishable shoes only (heels no more than 3 inches). Trainers*, canvas pumps (or footwear of a similar style) are not permitted.
  • Football scholars should wear either the official Forge football scholarship training kit (wearing other branded sports kit is not permitted), or full business dress.

Optional dress

  • Jackets are encouraged
  • V-neck or round plain jumper or cardigan

Unless worn as part of the official Forge football scholarship training kit by football scholars only.