Mental Health Awareness Week

Students and teachers at Forge planned a series of activities in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week. The activities are designed to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide students with information of what they can do to seek help.

The week kicked off with a session for year 7 through to year 10, delivered by the Academy’s Student Council, about the pressures which can lead to mental health problems developing in young people, and the warning signs to look out for. The session will look at what practical methods students can undertake to improve their day-to-day mental health.

The Academy has also designed a Google survey for students to help produce a bigger picture of what their worries might be and the sorts of sessions they would find useful to help them deal with different mental health issues.

Later in the week, the Academy will be selling green ribbons to wear on lapels to show support for mental health awareness, with the proceeds going to the mental health charity Mind.

Students will also put together a huge paper chain about what it is that makes them happy, with ideas put forward by a range of students across the school.

Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), the sponsor of Forge, will be supporting the Academy in using Mental Health Awareness Week as a springboard to help tailor their approach towards mental health and provide greater support to their students.

Andrew Burns, Principal of Ormiston Forge Academy, said: “Through this exciting week of events we hope to raise awareness and start a real conversation about the importance of mental health issues. We want to encourage a culture where students feel they can be open and talk about any pressures or worries they may have.

“Promoting good mental health is a key priority for academies across the OAT network and we aim to be one of the academy’s leading the way on this in the West Midlands area.”














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