Open Event FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When are your open events?

This year, students and their parents will be able to access and experience a whole range of virtual experiences and activities which will help them make a decision about their secondary school in September 2021. Due to the COVID restrictions, we will not be running any physical tours this year.

2. How do I sign up to your virtual events?

Families are encouraged to register their interest in our open e-vents so they don't miss out on any of the planned activities. The form takes 2 minutes to fill in and can be found here: 

You can also find the form on our new website and content will be posted on our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

3. Are you doing any tours?

No, we are disappointed that we can't invite families in through the door but safety comes first for everyone. We’ve been meticulous in our planning and communications throughout the pandemic and it’s really important that we provide a safe, enjoyable experience for one of the biggest decisions that a family will make together.

4. What if I have issues accessing the internet - how do I find out more about Forge?

Don’t worry. We’ll work with you. Call us and ask to speak to Lisa Harkins, Tom Daly or Kris Griffin - we'll ensure that you are able to access the content.

5. What if I have questions or require more specific information?

We're taking requests! If there's a particular area of the Academy that interests you, let us know and we'll do our very best to plan some activity around it - you might want to learn more about maths in our brand new maths block or discuss students’ needs with our SEND staff. Email [email protected] with your request.

6. I have a child with special education needs, are you making any special provision?

Please send us an email - [email protected] - and someone from our Success Centre will get in touch to see how we are best able to support you and ensure that you and your child are able to access life at Forge.

7. Will you be doing a big virtual tour, how can I find out more about your school?

On Thursday 17th September at 5.00pm, we will be running a Facebook LIVE open event where you will be given a tour and have the opportunity to ask questions from the comfort of your own home. This event will last around 1 hour.

8. What type of activities will you be doing?

Throughout September, prospective parents will be able to meet the Principal in a LIVE broadcast and submit questions, learn how to apply from our key stage 3 team and find out more about our curriculum and pastoral teams. We'll also have a podcast with some new year 7 parents, have a secret diary with two new year 7 students and run a LIVE ForgeFocus on sport. We'll see if a team of staff can tour the entire school site in 10 minutes - that's 10 blocks in 10 minutes and we'll be running a slightly longer, slower-paced, LIVE tour too on 17th September where we will meet all of the departments. There will be surprises through the post too for year 6 students and we'll be writing to parents with our prospectus.

9. How do I apply?

Arrangements for applications for places at Ormiston Forge Academy will be made in accordance with Sandwell Local Authority’s co-ordinated admission arrangements and will be made on the Common Application Form provided and administered by Sandwell Council. All of the details are on our website –

We also accept applications from families living in Dudley, see question 11.

10. When is the closing date for applications for students starting in September 2021?

The closing date for applications will be 31st October at 3pm. Please check the local authority where you are making the application for the exact time.

11. Can I apply even if my child goes to a Primary School in Dudley?

We have lots of parents contact us who live in the Dudley area, asking if they are able to apply to Forge. The answer is, categorically, YES! All you need to do is change the local authority drop-down box to Sandwell when you apply to find us easily.

Click here for our website with guidance on how to apply if you live in Dudley.