Innovation in the classroom – maths/numeracy

Giving you a little peek into one of the many ways we innovate in our classrooms, we use Wordwall in maths and it’s been really successful. Miss Miley and the students, with thanks to Wordwall for their help in making the video, give you a demo.

Wordwall is an activity maker, it makes teacher-led activities for use on large classroom screens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple projector or a big touch screen, just so long as your audience can all see the screen.

Most interactive whiteboard software apes PowerPoint and then tries to improve on it by bolting a load of new features on top. Wordwall is different. It complements PowerPoint, it isn’t trying to replace it. It takes care of what PowerPoint wasn’t designed for: making dynamic interactive activities.

With Wordwall, you can have instant feedback and recognise what students feel confident with and where they might have weaknesses. Most importantly though, students learn to love maths and get into the fun of the game in zero time!

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