Forge Student Shouts Her Way To Regional Final

Press Release: Ormiston Forge Academy student Sarah Faulkener recently took part in the regional final of the ‘Poetry By Heart’ competition in Halesowen by reading Simon Armitage’s ‘The Shout’ and ‘Tichborne’s Elegy’ by Chidiock Tichborne.
Although Sarah, a year 10 student, didn’t win she put up a strong fight. Dave Jenks, Head of English, said “Sarah put in a great performance, she was the youngest competitor there and the majority of other school winners were 6th form students. We are very proud of her.”
Poetry by Heart is a Government-supported competition designed to develop the understanding of poetry through engaging with the thoughts, feelings and language of the poet. The competition saw thousands of students aged 14 to 18 competing to become national champion for their skill in memorising and performing poems. Sir Andrew Motion, former Poet Laureate, said: “Poetry by Heart is the best thing that’s happened for poetry in schools for a long time: a way for pupils to have serious fun while they extend their reading, deepen their powers of appreciation, and memorise beautiful and intriguing poems which will enrich their lives for ever.”
Sarah qualified for the regional final by winning the Forge Academy heat earlier in March thanks mainly to her stunning performance of Simon Armitage’s ‘The Shout’, which all three judges described as, “the outstanding performance of the day”. Sarah won for herself a Kindle Fire HD.
Sarah’s English teacher Miss Pitts said, “Poetry By Heart has been a fantastic initiative for us. The Forge final involved poetry from diverse poets including William Shakespeare, Benjamin Zephaniah, Walt Whitman and Simon Armitage. Our students rose to the challenge and delivered. Sarah did us all proud and ‘The Shout’ will live with her for a long time. This is after all what poetry should be about: inspiration, creativity and words from the heart.”
The grand final of Poetry By Heart will be held at the National Portrait Gallery in April 2013.
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