Forge Evacuation

It’s not my place to comment on the situation that led to Forge being evacuated this morning but I would like to write a few words about how staff and students handled things.

I’m incredibly proud of the conduct of students this morning. It’s a testament to them, our young people, that in a challenging moment, they all displayed maturity and calmness beyond their years.

I’m grateful too to our staff for their quick response in getting students off-site so quickly and in an orderly manner. They were then instrumental in ensuring all students got home safely.

Finally, I want to thank parents for their patience and support. We’ve received many messages thanking us. I would like to thank you. You understand that our number one priority is keeping the students safe at all times. We are a family and this morning exemplifies us all coming together.

We remain vigilant and urge our community to do likewise. We will continue to work with police and ask anyone with information which may aid officers to call 101.

The police have told us that the site is safe so the academy will be open tomorrow (Friday) as normal. Any further updates will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and the website.

Andrew Burns

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