End of term arrangements

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we approach the end of the Autumn Term, I would like to thank you for your continued support, inform you of the end of term arrangements and wish you all a fantastic festive period.

Thursday 17 December Non Uniform Day
Thursday 17 December End of term, 1.25pm

Friday 18 December Staff training day

Monday 4 January Staff training day
Tuesday 5 January Start of Spring Term, 8.40am

Year 11 Results Day: Year 11 students will have an important assembly at 2.10pm on Tuesday 5 January. At the end of the assembly, they will receive their Mock Examination results in an envelope, like they will do with their ‘real’ results in August 2016.

Changes to student expectations from January 2016:

– All headscarfs/hijabs worn by girls should be plain black.
– No energy drinks, such as Boost, Red Bull, Monster etc will be allowed in the academy. We have worked hard to educate students that these drinks are really unhealthy and extremely detrimental to their health. The general rule of thumb is that the ban applies to all drinks that have a health warning on the side of the can/bottle. Any drinks of this type brought into the academy will be confiscated. Students do have access to water coolers and can fill bottles in their free time.

We really appreciate your support in these matters.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Burns

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