Year 8 Options

What subjects are compulsory?

Combined science: 4/5 periods per week
English language and English literature: 5 periods per week
Mathematics: 4 periods per week
History or geography: 3 periods per week
Physical education: 1 period per week
Religious education: 2 periods per week

What are learning pathways?

The remainder of the subjects on the timetable are then blocked in certain groups and each student has to choose a subject within that group. Each group is designed to ensure that each student can study subjects that are appropriate to them, and give them the best opportunity to maximise their potential. Students will also be aware of what this subject will enable them to study after successful completion of the course.

Students will spend time in their tutor groups discussing the subjects that are available to them, the content that they will study and how they will be assessed. Your child will complete a practice option form to help in the organisation of the options. Please keep yourself informed of the subjects that they are thinking of taking; discuss and help in their choices.

The Academy will be willing to help if you are having problems.

When will the final choices have to be made?

Year 8 parents will be invited to a parent consultation afternoon on Monday 9th March 2020. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your child’s choices with a senior member of staff and complete the final option sheet.

You can find the options booklet here to download as a PDF: