Anthony Nolan Help Forge Students Reach Their Life-saving Potential

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Press Release: A presentation this week at Cradley Heath’s Ormiston Forge Academy from The Anthony Nolan Trust to over 100 Sixth Formers helped students realise that they have the potential to save lives.

Anthony Nolan is a pioneering charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer. Every day, they use their register to match volunteers willing to donate their blood stem cells (or bone marrow) to people in desperate need of a lifesaving transplant.

The event organised by Kris Griffin, the Director of Communications at the Academy and a leukaemia patient, covered bone marrow, blood and organ donation. The inspiring 50 minute presentation by Heather Ross from Anthony Nolan gave students the facts about why donors are needed and what is involved in donation processes. Kris Griffin said, “By arming our students with these facts and by dispelling myths we can empower them to make an informed choice about whether to register as donors.”

The Register and Be A life Saver programme is run by Anthony Nolan, in conjunction with NHS Blood and Transplant services. It is the legacy of Adrian Sudbury, a young journalist from Huddersfield who lost his life to leukaemia. Before his death, Adrian campaigned tirelessly to establish this programme, as he believed young people should be informed about the facts of donation as part of their rights and responsibilities as they enter adulthood. Since its inception in 2009, the programme has delivered more than 1,300 presentations across five regions of the country, reaching more than 80,000 students. As a result more than 1,400 students have registered as organ donors, over 5,000 have signed up as blood donors and more than 3,000 students have registered as bone marrow donors with Anthony Nolan.

Dr Lisa Mason, Director of Sixth Form at Ormiston Forge Academy, said, “It was very inspiring to see the work Anthony Nolan do. It was emotional, hard-hitting but ultimately life-affirming as our students discover their true potential. As many of them handed completed forms in at the end to give Anthony Nolan permission to contact them about becoming a donor I couldn’t have been prouder.”

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