Welcome Back

We are looking forward to welcoming students back tomorrow (Tuesday 20th April).

We are looking forward to welcoming students back tomorrow (Tuesday 20th April), we hope that you have all had a restful Easter break. We'll be going over the following messages with the students in assemblies this week and we felt it would be helpful to share with families so we are all aware of the expectations of the term ahead.

Students should come to school with the equipment required to learn. The minimum equipment that will be needed is a pencil case with a pen, pencil and ruler. There are still instances of students coming to school without this kit and we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach on being ready to learn.

All students are expected to wear full uniform everyday except for PE days when students are expected to wear their Forge PE kit all day. The daily uniform includes:

  • Shirt, tie and blazer
  • Appropriate school trousers (no jeans/jeggings)
  • Black polishable school shoes
  • No visible facial piercings

Full details of our uniform expectation can be found HERE:

The weather is much warmer now, so students are expected to remove their coats/hoodies in classrooms. Hoodies are not to be worn under blazers or instead of blazers.

Students know what good behaviour looks like - we expect to see at all times:

  • Students being respectful to others - good manners, be polite, listen to each other.
  • Students being respectful to the environment- look after the rooms/toilets - no littering
  • Students being respectful to your learning - 100% focus in every lesson - try your best.

The government has confirmed that face coverings should continue to be worn in secondary school and college classrooms as a precautionary measure when students return after the Easter break.

It is expected that face coverings will no longer be required to be worn in classrooms, or by students in other communal areas, at Step 3 of the roadmap, which will be no earlier than Monday 17 May. Forge students who are exempt from wearing masks should bring their lanyards with them. If they need a replacement they will need to see Mrs Taylor.

Students completing home testing should be doing a test today before their return tomorrow. We only need to know about positive results. If your child returns a positive result, please email [email protected].

We've also been asked by the local police to share this message regarding e-scooters:

While e-scooters are legally available to purchase, it’s currently against the law to ride a privately owned e-scooter in any public place in the UK. This includes roads, pavements, parks, town centres or canal towpaths.

You can read more HERE.

As ever, thank you for your time and patience.

Dr Lisa Mason