World Champion from Dudley

Last weekend a former student from Forge won the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) UK Championship belt. You may not think that I’m a wrestling fan but when a Forge student is involved, I’m always interested. It helps to receive a plethora of messages about the win and it was blanket coverage on social media.

Tyler Bate is 19 years old and when competing in the title tournament he was up against opponents bigger than him and opponents who had much more experience than him. Yet, when you watch the footage you can clearly see that Tyler has worked hard and has an incredible amount of talent. In fact, Triple H, 14-Time World Champion and executive vice president of the WWE suggested that Tyler is the future of wrestling.

That’s wrestling which has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar sport, a global phenomenon with millions of fans all over the world and a sport that includes some of the most athletically gifted performers on the planet. It’s a sport that has produced names like The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin; megastars!

Tyler is, and will always be a WWE Champion, the company have shown absolute faith in him and given him this spotlight because he is the best. He’s the best in the UK and it won’t be long before he shows the rest of the world how good he is.

At no point during the many hours of hard work he put into his profession did where he came from have a part to play. At no point did anyone in the WWE consider where he came from as an obstacle to his undoubted talent. Being the best was good enough.

Being from the Black Country or the West Midlands (the geography will depend on your politics) is NOT an obstacle to success and I hear the excuse all of the time. We teach our students that anything is possible but there is a difference between teaching and showing. Tyler has shown that anything is possible. We’ve had a student this year interviewed for Oxford University, he’s shown that anything is possible.

Tyler has shown that age and where you come from isn’t a barrier to success. He’ll inspire Forge students and he’ll inspire young people all over the world, wherever he goes. He’s worked hard and is a leading light for bright young talent in this area.

In his interviews, Tyler has shown humility and great pride and we are all incredibly proud of his success. He’s a role model for all of us. Let’s keep putting ourselves on the map!

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