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Community Alerts

We regularly receive incident reports from Sandwell Children’s Services regarding incidents in the local area. These alerts are sent to all Sandwell schools and academies. These reports will be posted here for a period of one month from the time we are notified.

We take these reports seriously and urge our community to be vigilant at all times. We will continue to have an increased staff presence before and after school and our staff will continue to do community walks.


5/10/18 alert: Witton Lane area in West Bromwich
Following a parents’ evening, at approximately 8 pm on Thursday 4 October 2018, a Year 11 student was on his way home when he was stopped and asked by a man unknown to get into the stranger’s car. The student went into a friend’s house for safety.
Description: The vehicle is a black SUV, driven by a woman with red hair. The unknown passenger is a white male.
The police have been notified.

4/10/18 alert: report of an incident in Hawes Lane, Rowley Regis
At 8.15am this morning, a student and her friends were walking down a gulley and using their phones, when a tall male, wearing a blue hoody, grabbed the student’s phone and ran off.
The police have been notified.

4/10/18 alert: report of an incident in Marsh Lane Field, West Bromwich
A parent has reported that at approximately 7.45am this morning, her daughter (a Year 7 student) was on her way to school when she was chased by two men. The student went into a shop for safety, but the two men followed her in there too: so she ran into the school where they stopped following her.
Description: Two males, in their 30s, one wearing a grey jacket, and the other wearing a black jacket.
The police have been notified.

4/10/18 alert: report of an incident in West Bromwich
A student has reported today that on Thursday last week, she was approached by an elderly man as she was waiting for the bus outside Sandwell College in West Bromwich. He handed her a piece of paper that had details of a Government website and a ‘child trust fund’.
The same man has approached her again this morning, at approximately 7.40am, to speak to her. He then walked away.
Description: Elderly white male, approximately 5 feet 7 inches, with white messy hair, wearing a short brown jacket, white shirt, jeans, and holding a carrier bag.
The police have been notified.

28/9/18 alert: report of an incident in the Tipton area, Asda Park.
Four students have reported that at 8.10am today they were chased by a man who asked if they wanted beer or drugs. The police have been informed. Description: white male, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing a high‑vis jacket, dark jeans and dark shoes.

26/9/18 alert: report of an incident in the West Bromwich area
At the end of school on Tuesday 25 September 2018 a Year 8 student was followed by a silver “Sprinter” van for a considerable distance. When the student turned to look, she believed that the occupants of the van had taken a photograph. The student ran to a nearby shop where she was assisted by a member of staff who saw the van speed away.
The police have been notified.

25/9/18 alert: report of an incident by bus stop opposite Springfield Primary School, Rowley Regis
On Tuesday 25 September 2018, at approximately 7.45am, boys walked past a woman, who was seated at the bus stop, and who said to them “have a nice day at school”. She then said, “come here, I’ve got money, would you like some sweets from the shop?”. She then removed her purse from her pocket and showed it to the boys. The boys walked away quickly.
Description: white woman, possibly in her 40s/50s, medium build, black/brown coloured hair, wearing a yellow raincoat and glasses.

19/9/18 alert: report of an incident in the Cradley Heath and Tipton areas
Location: Highgate Street, by the bus stop near Best Street.
On Wednesday 19 September 2018, at approximately 10am, a sixth form student reported that she was approached by a car and asked questions by the driver, which made her feel uncomfortable. The student walked faster, but the car continued to follow. At this point the student believed that one of the passengers was going to get out of the vehicle, when a member of the public intervened and accompanied the student to school.
Description: three Asian males, approximately late 20s/early 30s. The driver had a short beard. The car was a white BMW 3 Series [4 door].
The police were notified.

19/9/18 alert: report of incident in the Cradley Heath and Tipton areas
Information has been received that this morning [Wednesday 19 September 2018 (am)] a Year 7 student was approached by a man on St Mark’s Road, Tipton.
Description: white male, approximately 6ft tall with dark brown hair and wearing dark blue trousers and a dark blue hoodie.
The police were notified.

19/9/18 alert: report of an incident in the Rowley Regis area
On Monday 17 September 2018 at 7.30pm a student was walking home on Throne Road, Rowley Regis when she was followed by a black car, possibly a Vauxhall Corsa. There were three men in the car who shouted at the student and asked how old she was. A woman driver who saw the incident, beeped the horn for them to move on, and then walked the student home.
Description: The driver was a white male, in his 30s, with scruffy dark hair and full beard. The front passenger was a white male, in his 30s with shaved hair. The rear passenger was obscured by the car’s tinted glass.
The police have been notified.


If you witness or suspect a crime is being committed you should always call 999.

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example, if your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged, you suspect drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood.

Please visit the official Police page on reporting a crime:

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