Learning Schedule During Closure

Whilst the school is closed, it is important that we are able to keep working with students so that their learning continues. We expect them to be able to continue learning at home and so will be providing them with work or live lessons during the normal hours of a school day.

Further to the update yesterday where we provided details on accessing live lessons, which you can find HERE, today we are able to share scheduling information with you.

Below you will find a timetable for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 of when teachers would like to be delivering a live lesson - this is a lesson delivered through Google Meet which is like a Zoom meeting. Teaching staff will send an invitation via school email to the lesson and students just need to follow the link.

Students in Key Stage 3 will approach this a little differently and we are going to take a more personalised approach to their learning. In the first instance their work will be set via SMHW and teachers will add to this by arranging live lessons via Google Meet. This is why it is important that students keep checking SMHW and Academy email throughout the day for information about lessons.

We know that students will all want to engage fully with their lessons and continue the excellent learning that they are used to. Please ensure that they attend the live lessons that they are invited to and encourage them to do their best to really engage with the work. All SMHW tasks should be completed to the best of their ability. Students are used to SMHW, please ensure that they submit the work to the teacher in the way that the teacher requests.

If students have any difficulties with the work then please ensure that they communicate with their teacher so that they can help. Teachers will be able to respond to comments on SMHW just as they did during the summer lockdown. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you and your families and helping students make lots of progress.

Please recognise that these are unusual times. Teaching staff are also finding things hard. Some of them will be ill themselves, some will be caring for family members and this means that not all of the live lessons will go ahead as expected. Please be patient and allow a little understanding. As always, we continue to do our very best for you in these difficult times.